Back to school, with masks
Back to school, with masksiStock

About 400,000 seventh to ninth-grade students return this morning, Sunday, to schools in green and yellow cities, after more than three months.

According to the outline of the Ministries of Education and Health, each class will have up to 20 students among several groups at least twice a week. Most of the learning will continue online.

A teacher will be able to teach up to four groups and students will not be allowed to pass between more than two groups.

School administrators are not satisfied with the outline and they will demonstrate during the day in front of the Knesset and demand that their representatives be summoned for consultation before the publication of study outlines.

So far, tenth to twelfth graders have returned partially to study. Grades five and six have returned to studies 3 times a week at educational institutions, grades three to four study five days a week in "capsules" and grades one and two hold studies fully without division.