Travelers in Dubai
Travelers in DubaiReuters

Israel's insurance commissioner, Dr. Moshe Barkat, allowed PassportCard, a travel insurance company, to begin selling a modular policy appropriate for travel during the coronavirus outbreak.

The new policy, which will be sold beginning August 10, will offer full medical coverage in case the traveler contracts coronavirus.

The policy will also cover additional coronavirus-related issues, such as the cost of extending the trip due to a requirement to quarantine abroad, financial loss during the trip due to quarantine or hospitalization, travel cancellations due to contracting the virus or hospitalization, and telemedicine services provided by the destination country to allow for medical treatment and prescriptions from the traveler's hotel room (available in the US, the euro bloc, Thailand, Russia, South America, and Israel).

PassportCard will also be able to be used to pay for medical expenses, and a daily stipend for travelers who are required to quarantine and extend their trips.

The existing travel insurance model, which used to be a set price, will now be priced based on the destination country and the traveler's health.

Travelers will be able to purchase the new insurance from one month prior to the planned departure to one day prior to the planned departure, and the price will be determined by how severe the outbreak is in the destination country, at the time the policy is purchased. Insurance will not be provided for countries which are considered "black."

Currently, PassportCard will only insure travelers under 60 years of age. However, the company is working on solutions for older travelers as well.

Alon Ketzef, president of the DavidShield group and PassportCard, said, "In the coming months, as was done in most airports around the world, a coronavirus lab will be opened at Ben Gurion International Airport, to allow everyone to board planes without worry and to avoid the requirement to quarantine in the destination country and upon return to Israel. Pre-flight testing and the insurance policy which was approved today and will cover coronavirus-related incidents, will allow the conditions to open the skies wide."