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In the age of technology, children and adults have an attention span than considerably lower than previous generations had. If it is difficult to get adults to pick up a book and read a couple of pages before they decide to head to Instagram, Netflix, or some other distraction that can keep their minds occupied without expending much effort on their end, if reading a book is the unconventional method of absorbing information in this modern era because adults lack the attention span for it, it will not be any easier when it comes to kids.

AirballingLA, the pioneer of creative unique team-building activities, found success with occupying the attention span of kids through a Fortnite Birthday Party. They have learned and shared the information that kids who hear words which are familiar and have a positive connection to them tend grasp their attention immediately. The trick for teachers is to use selective hearing and attention to effectively grasp the attention of their students when they’re losing focus.

Millions of kids are familiar with Fortnite and a lot of them play it so it’s no surprise that they arere familiar with frequently used words in Fortnite such as Battle Royale, Duos, Squads, Chuggie, Rush, and Nerfed. What in even more likely is that kids incorporate some of these words into their daily vocabulary when they talk among their social circle.

These words doesn’t have to be just words, however. They can be a gateway for teachers to access the attention of kids when teaching something important but uninteresting like a grammar lesson. And this is especially needed in a time where teaching has gone virtual and teachers report that learning efficacy seems to have decreased by 75%.

The logic that a word from Fortnite can provide access to a kid’s attention span is from selective hearing. Everyone’s brain is semi-alert even when they’re engaged in a passive action like acting as if one is learning by sitting, pretending to listen, and zoning out. When a certain word like nerfed that is familiar and has a positive connection to a student is vocalized, the student is able to immediately able to catch that word and attends their attention to the teacher; and in this moment, the teacher has successfully grasped the attention of their students and has an opportunity to maintain their attention.

By adding familiar and fun Fortnite words in their lessons, the lesson can provide a similar feeling that Fortnite provides, which is fun, amusement, and excitement, and that results in effective learning.

Another effect may also occur. Kids might feel connected to the teacher who uses these words. Familiarity breeds connection, after all. They might see the teacher in a new way that makes them more inclined to listen when the teacher talks. It is the same with adults. We are more likely to lend an ear to someone who we feel connected to, respect, and consider as a friend, than to someone who we are indifferent about.

Teachers should pick up languages used often by kids and utilize them to access the attention of their kids to effectively teach their curriculum because no matter how well the curriculum may be, one must first grasp the interest and attention of the kids.