The damaged vehicle
The damaged vehicle Yisrael Naki

Coronavirus restrictions are not preventing the stone-throwers on Route 446 from continuing to hit Jewish vehicles. Last Tuesday, Arabs threw a stone at a Jewish vehicle traveling near the community of Nili in the Binyamin region.

The stone hit the car window in front of the driver's seat and penetrated the vehicle, but the driver was miraculously not injured.

The driver, Yisrael Naki, a 24-year-old resident of Avnei Hefetz, married and father of a child, was traveling that afternoon from his home in Binyamin. Shortly after 4:30 p.m., while driving on Route 446 near Nili, the terrorists threw a stone at his vehicle.

"The stone flew at the vehicle and hit right in front of the driver's seat, exactly in a straight line. The stone miraculously stopped at the wheel and did not hit me, and then continued to ‘hike around’ for a little longer until it fell at the feet of the seat next to the driver. I called the police and searched for a safe place to stop," Naki recounted.

After 500 meters, Naki stopped near an IDF post and called the soldiers. The policemen who had been called also arrived. Naki described the attack and explained that he had not moved the stone from its place. A military tracker and police investigator also arrived, and the stone was taken. After that, Naki submitted a complaint at the police station near the Kiryat Sefer checkpoint.

Attorney Menashe Yado from the Honenu legal organization said "This was an incident entailing a high risk of damage to human life, since the terrorists threw the stone towards the center of the man’s body, and indeed the stone broke the windshield. But miraculously, the stone was pushed away from the steering wheel and did not hit the driver's body, causing serious direct damage to the body or damage due to loss of control of the vehicle. This is a second incident within several days of life-threatening stone throwing at the same point. The military must use all means to stop the [terrorist] squad, because in the meantime travelers are relying on miracles."

Recall that this is a road on which such attacks often occur. About a month ago, a terrorist hurled a rock at a Jewish vehicle near Nili. The rock penetrated the vehicle through the windshield and crossed the entire length of the vehicle. However, the terrorists did not content themselves with the damage, but began a chase after the damaged vehicle. The driver of the vehicle managed to escape, after which she filed a complaint with police.

About two weeks after that two-pronged attack, a stone-throwing terror squad was captured by the army. The IDF fighters fired at the terrorists, one of the terrorists died from his wounds while the other managed to escape. As mentioned, the stone attacks on Route 446 continue up until the present time.