The pilot of the helicopter carrying 41-year-old Kobe Bryant and eight others was warned that his radar was off - just moments before the helicopter crashed Sunday morning, The Sun reported.

An audio recording obtained by the site showed that air traffic controllers were trying to guide the aircraft, which lost contact just moments prior to crashing.

"You are too low level for flight following at this time," the pilot was told about two minutes before the crash.

The term refers to an aircraft's radar being too poor to follow. However, eyewitnesses said the aircraft was flying too close to the ground.

Data also shows that the helicopter changed direction at the last minute, and circled over Burbak, California, before crashing.

All nine on board the helicopter, an Sikorsky S-76, were killed in the crash.

The Sun noted that the Los Angeles Police Department has grounded its fleet of aircraft due to poor visibility on Sunday.