Five people were detained on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem yesterday as they stopped to pray during their tour of the Temple Mount and prostrated while affirming "G-d is the L-rd." Police arrested the worshipers.

Attorney Nati Rom, who accompanies the detainees under the auspices of the Honeinu legal aid organization, responded: "In the 21st century in a democratic state, Jews must not be arrested solely for praying or expressing religious sentiments. This is a disgrace and a serious violation of human rights. It is inconceivable that in the city that is our capital, Jews are not able to close their eyes, pray to their Creator, and express their feelings.

"I expect human rights organizations and anyone who cares about our democracy to do as much as they can to allow Jews freedom of worship and freedom of expression in the capital city Jerusalem. This is a fundamental violation of the values of human rights, freedom of worship, and democracy. This ongoing injury must be stopped immediately."

Arresting worshipers (archive)
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Atty. Nati Rom
Atty. Nati Rom Spokesman