Baby in crib (illustrative)
Baby in crib (illustrative)iStock

Israel Police has requested to extend the arrest of an Arab infiltrator into Israel who is suspected of attacking a ten-month old baby from Ashkelon.

The baby is in critical condition, and is hospitalized in Be'er Sheva's Soroka Hospital.

The 22-year-old Palestinian Authority (PA) Arab was watching the baby when her 22-year-old mother left the house, and is suspected of attempting to escape back to the PA after he attacked the baby.

Israel Police have arrested the baby's biological parents as well as the suspected attacker. The baby's father, a Bedouin from the Negev, was released after his interrogation.

Dr. Yuval Cavari, a senior doctor who works in Soroka's pediatric intensive care unit, said: "The baby was transferred to the hospital unconscious and on a respirator, with a very severe head injury. She was rushed to the operating room, where she was operated on by neurosurgeons, and was then transferred to the pediatric intensive care unit. Her condition is critical, and we are fighting to save her life."