Zvi Hauser
Zvi HauserYoni Kempinski

Likud and Blue and White negotiating teams will meet again today for a crucial meeting that may end with Netanyahu's decision to return the mandate to form a government to the president, and allow MK Benny Gantz to try to form a government and coalition.

At the meeting, which begins at 9:30, Blue and White is expected to again bring up its demand to dismantle the right-wing bloc Netanyahu wants to bring to the coalition as a single unit. On the other hand, Likud will demand a yes or no answer to the question of President Rivlin's outline, according to which Netanyahu will be appointed the next prime minister, but will take a leave of absence if he is indicted, during which period Benny Gantz will act as prime minister.

Ahead of the meeting this morning, senior Blue and White MK Zvi Hauser said that his party’s rejection of Netanyahu is not a personal issue but a matter of principle.

"Unity is the decision of the voter and the will of the voter," Hauser told Channel 12, demanding Likud come to the meeting in good faith to discuss the fundamental issues. He asserted that, to the president as well, it is clear that an indicted prime minister cannot serve.

"We said before the elections that a prime minister would not serve while indicted. When Likud internalizes that they are separating from Netanyahu, we can sit together," Hauser said, adding: "It is not a personal matter. The mechanisms of truth must be allowed to do their job without tricks and without shticks."