Nir Barkat in the Knesset
Nir Barkat in the Knesset Knesset spokesperson Yitzhak Harari

Likud MK Nir Barkat, the former Mayor of Jerusalem, has endorsed the establishment of a unity government with the center-left Blue and White party after the September 17th election.

In an interview with 103FM, Barkat excoriated Yisrael Beytenu chief and former Defense Minister Avidgor Liberman, who blocked the establishment of a narrow right-wing – religious coalition government in April.

“When I was Mayor of Jerusalem, for most of my term I had a coalition of 30 or 31 city council members,” said Barkat. “It is valuable to have a wide coalition, and my message is, other than you should vote Likud and strengthen the nationalist camp, I say to the parties who are not in the nationalist camp but are close to it: look for a common denominator and join us to form a nationalist government headed by Netanyahu.”

When asked whether he included Blue and White in his call, Barkat said “Absolutely, yes.”

“I see a scenario in which they could come and strengthen the nationalist camp. [But] before anything else, a nationalist camp led by a strong and large Likud.”

Barkat went on to criticize the Blue and White party for its declaration that it would not join a government headed by Netanyahu.

“I’m against bans or excluding anyone, especially when the law is on the side of Netanyahu.”

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