Jerusalem Day dance through Damascus Gate on way to Western Wall
Jerusalem Day dance through Damascus Gate on way to Western WallFlash 90

The Ad Kan Organization has revealed that the Ir Amim Nonprofit that claims to deal with political issues in Jerusalem involving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, actually works to deepen the divide between peoples. An Ad Kan activist recorded outrageous comments by Ir Amim operatives, with one Ir Amim member admitting to encouraging Right-leaning activists to attack the Temple Mount.

Ir Amim was founded 18 years ago under the name "Nonprofit Group for Jerusalem", and describes itself today as an “apolitical Israeli nonprofit organization dealing with the complex reality of life in Jerusalem in regards to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the political future of the city.” Every year, Ir Amim petitions the Supreme Court against the Flag Parade held on Jerusalem Day in the city.

Ir Amim is supported by the New Israel Fund and among its employees are several individuals, especially among group leadership, connected to the NIF. Also among those working for Ir Amim is Sub Laban who admitted to witnessing two Jews being murdered in the Old City and refusing to help those Jews wounded in the attack. Laban also once stated in an interview with Nachum Barnea that “it isn't true that terror can't be justified. We live under occupation.” The Ir Amim website further claims that the group “works towards a more just and equitable city, by advancing a more sustainable political future in Jerusalem.”

However, the Ad Kan findings paint a different picture. Undercover investigators from Ad Kan joined several activities and excursions organized by Ir Amim and recorded what happened. One recording shows that during an excursion to East Jerusalem, the Ir Amim tour guide asserted that Jews should not enter neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, later comparing the concept of ‘shahidim’ (terrorist martyrs) in the Muslim world to “what we refer to when speaking about Israeli soldiers.”

Another undercover Ad Kan investigator joined Ir Amim in recording the traditional Flag Parade held every year on Jerusalem Day that passes through the Muslim Quarter of the Old City. During guidance provided by Aviv Tatersky, a senior Ir Amim operative, volunteers were told where to stand and how to film using cameras provided by Ir Amim. Participants were told that the recordings would be sent to the media or saved for "future use" by Ir Amim.

Ad Kan said about the findings, “The Ir Amim nonprofit describes itself as working for ‘a just and equitable city,’ however it seems they mean ‘except for Jews.’ They hold back nothing with their tactics in order to attain their goals. In their view, Jews should not buy properties in certain neighborhoods of Jerusalem, and flying the flag in the capital is forbidden.

“Now we also know the true view of Ir Amim operatives on Israeli soldiers, and how they recorded the traditional Flag Parade in Jerusalem. The time has come for the Jerusalem Municipality to stop this anti-Israel organization from within the corridors of City Hall. The planning and enforcement divisions of the city should take notice and assess the legality of Ir Amim’s actions so the lives of all those living in Jerusalem can be improved.”