Damage from one of the rocks
Damage from one of the rocksYehuda Rachamim

Arab residents of the Palestinian Authority town of Mukhmas near the Binyamin region Jewish town of Ma'ale Mikhmas on Sunday night threw stones at several Jewish vehicles traveling on the Allon Road near Ma'ale Mikhmas just after 11:00p.m.

No one was hurt but serious damage was caused to the vehicles. A complaint was filed with Israel Police, but it seems none of the rock-throwers have been caught.

Tal, a resident of Kokhav Hashahar, told Arutz Sheva: "We were returning home from Jerusalem. About 300 meters (984 feet) after Route 60 turns, we saw nice-sized stones hitting our car as we drove."

"The Arabs threw stones at two other cars traveling in front of us, as well as at us. Those cars stopped afterwards on the side of the road to inspect what had happened. It seems that afterwards they [the Arabs] escaped towards their village. We immediately reported it to the Binyamin hotline, and were told that IDF forces are on their way to the scene.

"These Arabs tried to kill, and it would be correct to arrest them and their partners and to try them as murderers.

"Unfortunately, the Arabs raise their heads and we see the 'dream of coexistence' disappearing before our very eyes. Or in other words, we see here what 'coexistence at its best' is like."