Outside missile-hit home
Outside missile-hit home Yisrael Hayom

A month after the direct attack on his home, Israel Hayom went back with Robert Wolf, the grandfather of the family, to the destroyed home in Moshav Mishmeret.

A day after Passover began another granddaughter, a daughter of Talia, was born to the family. This is the fifth grandchild in the family. "It's so wonderful for us, something amazing in all this confusion, it gives us all the power in the world," says Robert. He is moved not only by his new granddaughter; in the yard, Robert sees that the vine and the mulberry tree have begun to bloom. "For me it's life, I see it and get excited."

The family, who lived first with their daughter Talia in Tel Mond, rented an apartment there and now live there. They celebrated the Seder night with the neighbors on duty, in the house next to their demolished house. "Mentally it's very hard, you keep thinking about what happened," says Robert. "My wife Susan still has shrapnel in her head and the doctors haven't yet decided whether or not to take it out, whether it's dangerous or not; almost every day she's in the hospital for tests. She was hurt all over, because her back was in the direction of the explosion. She, like a good mother, made sure that everyone would enter the protected room and didn't have time to get in herself. She was the hardest hit. We'll be with it for a long time, but she has strength. She's a very strong woman. The first sentence she said at the hospital was: 'How lucky it hit us who have a safe room - and not the neighbors, who don't have one.' It's amazing."

The son Daniel is the hero of the family. "If not for Daniel, we wouldn't be here. He saved us; he fell asleep in the living room, heard the siren and woke us. We didn't hear, and if he hadn't slept in the living room he wouldn't have heard either. Daniel grabbed his daughter and ran to wake us all up. I ran to look for my little daughter, Lihi. Outside the trees I heard the explosion. I saw the whole house had been destroyed. I was sure everyone was killed.

"Daniel, who was in the reinforced room, also underwent a similar trauma. He thought his father, mother, and little sister were gone. "We were outside, he thought there was no chance we were alive. The protected room saved my family. Without the protected room I'd have no granddaughters, both of them would have gone. We mustn't underestimate it; you have to enter the security room, it saves lives."

Robert still finds it difficult to digest how the entire family survived, despite the severe injury. "Slowly, like a puzzle, we try to put life back together... What gives us the strength is the miracle we had, seven people inside a house, the entire house destroyed, and we're all here. The whole house went, I was 15 meters behind the explosion, and if I were 15 meters on the other side, I wouldn't be here."

"This is my country, my place, we received a lot of love, a lot of people came to help. I love the country, the house doesn't interest me, it's the land, it's my land. When I came to Israel 35 years ago, we were 3 million, now we're 9 million, our enemies haven't yet realized that we're not going anywhere, they do not understand that the State of Israel is growing stronger."

After Passover, what remains of the house will be destroyed. Wolf: "I very much hope that next Independence Day the new home will be done. I have to come back here as soon as possible."