Boeing 737 MAX 8
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The number of countries which have grounded all Boeing 737 MAX 8 airliners continues to grow following the deadly crash of an Ethiopian Airlines flight on Sunday. The crash was the second of a Max 8 model aircraft in several months.

Britain, Germany and France joined the list of countries that imposed such a ban after the ban was imposed in the Netherlands, Austria, Ireland, China, Australia, Malaysia, Oman and Singapore.

The British Civil Aviation Authority said the decision to ban Boeing 737's flights was a "precautionary measure," and the German Transport Ministry said passenger safety was a top priority.

Boeing attempted to stem the tide of countries grounding their aircraft, issuing a statement in which it said that the company has "complete confidence" in the safety of the flagship 737 MAX 8 fleet.

"We understand that regulatory agencies and clients have made the decisions that are right for them," the company said, adding that the US Airports Authority "does not require any further action at this stage, and based on this information, we have no basis in publishing new guidelines on the subject."

US politicians from across the political spectrum called on the Federal Aviation Authority to ground the 737 Max 8 model following the latest crash, including Senators Elizabeth Warren, Mitt Romney, and Dianne Feinstein.