PA employees wait for salaries in Gaza Strip
PA employees wait for salaries in Gaza Strip Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

The third round of the Qatari monetary grant to the Gaza Strip is expected to resume this week, two-weeks after Israel had stopped the grants.

The grant will be presented by the Qatari envoy for the rebuilding of the Gaza Strip, Muhammad al-Amadi.

Israel had asked Qatar to stop its transfer of funds to Gaza following an escalation in violence from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, including the launching of a rocket and incendiary balloons.

The decision to allow the money transfers to resume was made in light of the reduction in violence from Gaza over the last week.

The Qatari grant consists of $15 million in cash to pay officials' salaries and distribute money to the needy. It also includes an additional purchase of $10 million worth of diesel fuel for the Gaza power plant. The grant was divided into six parts, two of which were given before Israel put a halt to them.

Hamas officials have warned that hospitals in Gaza may be forced to cease operating due to the enclave's fuel crisis.

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