Liberman Flash 90

The Yisrael Beytenu party published a statement Monday morning that may hint at a deepening the crisis surrounding the legislation of the draft law, and a change in the party's position, which has committed itself to supporting the law if no changes are made.

"The coalition, cynically, is turning the draft law from a substantive issue into an electoral issue," the party said in a statement.

"The Likud would have been able to pass the draft law at the beginning of the winter session, but chose instead to surrender to pressure, and gave in to the haredi demand to request another postponement from the High Court of Justice."

"The question arises whether the game has been rigged, with the Likud promising the heads of the haredi parties that if there were yeshivas that would not meet the recruitment goals and would be required to pay fines, the yeshivas would be compensated with identical sums of money from another source.

"We must also examine the claim that the Likud promised the leaders of the haredi parties to change the law in accordance with their demand immediately after the formation of the next government."

Earlier Monday morning, it was reported that in anticipation of the renewal of discussions on the draft law tomorrow at the special committee set up for the purpose of the discussion of the law, Prime Minister Netanyahu will convene at his office the coalition leaders' forum. The political crisis created by the law will be discussed in light of the threats by the Agudath Israel party to withdraw from the coalition if the bill is approved in its present form.

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