Al Quds University
Al Quds UniversityHadas Porush/Flash 90

Israel’s Minister of Labor and Welfare Services, Haim Katz (Likud), has reversed his ministry’s recognition of social work degrees from a Palestinian Authority university located east of Jerusalem.

According to a report Tuesday by Israel Hayom, officials at the Labor and Welfare Services Ministry had pushed for recognition of degrees in social work given by Al Quds University, a college based in the Palestinian Authority-controlled town of Abu Dis, just east of Jerusalem, with additional campuses in Al-Bireh, near Ramallah, and in eastern Jerusalem.

The ministry has sought to fill a large number of vacancies for social worker positions in predominantly Arab neighborhoods in eastern Jerusalem, and hoped to hire new workers from the Arab sector who hold degrees in social work from Al Quds University.

Minister Katz halted the recognition, however, over the college’s history of anti-Israel incitement and regular pro-terror activities held on campus.

“I will not grant recognition to an institution that supports terrorism,” said Katz.

“We will deal with the lack of social workers without going to institutions that undermine the legitimacy of Israel.”