AbbasFlash 90

The Al-Hayat newspaper reported on Thursday that Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has agreed to allow the truce between Hamas and Israel to be signed.

According to the report, Israel agreed within the context of the truce to the transfer of $90 million for salaries to Hamas terrorists, but conditioned the transfer on the fact that it would be carried out through the UN.

For the first time in years, Israel agreed within the framework of the agreement to allow for increased exports from the Gaza Strip.

It should be noted that Mahmoud Abbas opposed the move for many months, fearing that the agreement would perpetuate the Hamas regime in Gaza and would distance once and for all the PA from control over the Gaza Strip.

Egyptian President Sisi and Abbas met in Sharm el-Sheikh. According to the report, Sisi explained to Abbas the understandings reached, and Abbas agreed in order to allow "breathing space" for the Gazans.