Hilltop youth
Hilltop youth Omer Messinger/Flash 90

Right-wing activists reportedly drove on the Sabbath in order to head off a Shin Bet investigation, Kan reported on Thursday.

Last month, 48-year-old mother of eight Aisha Mohammed Rabi was killed after the car she was riding in with her family was pelted by stones near her hometown of Biddya, southwest of Shechem (Nablus). Her husband, who was driving the vehicle, claims it was Jews who had attacked the car.

"The stones came from the direction of the settlement [Kfar Tapuah]," the woman's husband told Reuters. "I could hear the people speaking Hebrew, but I did not see them."

According to the report, right-wing activists assumed that the incident was carried out by Jews. The activists, who are assumed to be observant Jews, tried to preempt the Shin Bet investigators and drove on Shabbat to a Samaria yeshiva in order to warn who they thought were the perpetrators.

Driving on Shabbat is strictly forbidden according to Jewish law.

The investigation of the incident was carried out by the Judea and Samaria District Police Unit, in cooperation with the Nationalist Crime Unit and the Shin Bet's Jewish division.