Israeli-Jordanian border in Aqaba
Israeli-Jordanian border in AqabaiStock

Jordan mourned on Friday after 20 people, many of them schoolchildren, were killed when their bus was swept away by flash flooding near the Dead Sea.

"My sadness and pain are great, and they compare to my anger at the failures in decision-making that could have prevented this difficult event," tweeted Jordan's King Abdullah.

"The most important lesson is the importance of adhering to the instructions and instructors," added Jordan's Prime Minister.

According to Ynet, the Jordanian newspaper A-Rad spoke about the "shock and amazement, in an atmosphere of bereavement and sadness, when the harsh news about the death of special school students from grades 6 to 8 was heard."

The 19 schoolchildren and their chaperone were killed after they were swept away by torrential rains on Thursday while on a hike.

The rescue efforts were assisted by Israel's elite 669 Search and Rescue unit, as well as the Israel Police's Megillot Search and Rescue Unit.