Meridor Flash 90

Former Minister Dan Meridor slammed the Nationality Law and MKs from the Right who led it.

"A frivolous, irresponsible bunch passed a Basic Law, and then you realize that they were wrong. It's a gratuitous and damaging law," Meridor said in an interview.

"Jewish State was already written in our constitution even before Netanyahu was in the Knesset. I fear a significant part of his legacy will be a struggle against the country's real Zionist identity."

At the end of the week, MK Zuhair Bahlul of the Zionist Union announced his intention to resign from the Knesset following the Nationality Law's enactment.

In an interview with Rina Matzliach on the Meet the Press program Bahlul said, "At the end of the break the resignation will go int effect and to the Knesset of Israel, I assure you, I will not come back."

According to Bahlul, "the Nationality Law transfers the Arab population through a Basic Law outside the realm of equality in the State of Israel."

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