Grave of Shimon Hatzadik
Grave of Shimon HatzadikFlash 90

Five Jewish youths, some of them minors, were violently attacked by Arabs on Saturday night.

The attack occurred as the youths returned home from the grave of Shimon Hatzadik in Jerusalem.

The Arab attackers acted violently, and threw rocks at the Jewish youths, the Honenu legal organization explained.

Israel Police officers arriving at the scene detained the Jews, but did not arrest any of their Arab attackers.

Honenu attorney Moshe Polsky, who aided the youth, slammed the police officers' actions.

"Several Jewish youth were attacked with stones in a hostile area, and the police, instead of acting against the Arab rioters, arrested the victims. It's the easiest, most comfortable, and most unjust thing."

It is not yet clear if the youth will be arrested and spend the night in prison.