Netanyahu with new recruits (archive)
Netanyahu with new recruits (archive)Yossi Zeliger/ Flash90

Prime Minister Netanyahu on Thursday visited the Meitav base at Tel Hashomer, where the July 2018 recruitment of the Border Police and the Paratroopers Brigade is being held.

"We are managing tough fronts both in the south and in the north. Ultimately, the burden of protecting the borders of the state and protecting the state falls on you," Netanyahu told the recruits.

“We are at battle. This involves exchange of blows, but in the end it is a test of strength of will. We are exhausting all possibilities, but we are very determined to protect our borders. We will do what we need to maintain security, not only of the communities surrounding the Gaza Strip, but of the State of Israel.”

Netanyahu replied in response to a soldier's question about his enlistment in the IDF and the beginning of his service: "I did paratrooper training as part of service in [elite unit] Sayeret Matkal," the prime minister replied. "For me, it was a great pleasure to do paratrooper training with great guys."

"Congratulations to you," Netanyahu told the recruits. "You're really at the forefront and I appreciate that, and I can tell you that I wish you a tough basic training, because it will make it easier for you later, both in your service and later in life."

"Look at each other, each of you protects the other. I know that you will leave here as different people, much stronger than you think, with a real contribution to ensuring the future of the State of Israel, and this is a great task - and I also want say, a great privilege.”