Renowned constitutional attorney, jurist, and political commentator Alan Dershowitz spoke to Arutz Sheva Thursday night at the Yeshivat Hesder Sderot Anniversary Gala Dinner in Manhattan about his recent trip to Israel in which he visited terror tunnels and received a flyover briefing on the Golan.

"The important point is that when Israel was attacked, it made the point that it would not accept any attack on its soil, and it destroyed multiple Iranian missile launchers," Dershowitz said. "I was there two days after they were destroyed, and was told by IDF people that it was now safe to go there. I flew with my grandson in a helicopter over the Golan Heights, and you could hear the rockets and you could see the puffs from the fighting that was taking place within Syria."

Regarding his observations from Gaza, Dershowitz related: "I was under a Hamas tunnel halfway to Gaza, then I went to the fence and I saw where the 'protesters' were going to be gathering the next day, and Israel has to protect the citizens of Sderot, and other areas around the fences. We know that Hamas gave its terrorists Google maps of the shortest route to Jewish areas, including Jewish daycare centers and kindergartens, because this was a lynch mob; this was an attempt to lynch, kill, kidnap as many Jewish civilians as possible.

"It's very hard to predict what Gaza is going to have happen - talks about a cease fire, maybe - but in the end the Palestinians have to decide who their leadership is going to be. We're nearing the end of the Abbas leadership, and if Hamas takes over the victims will be the Palestinians. They will suffer the way the people of Gaza have suffered, because Hamas uses every recourse to try to kill Israeli civilians rather than try to feed its own civilians. There's no question about that.

"When I was in Qatar recently and I spoke to the Emir, and he said they're giving money to rebuild Gaza, and I said, 'But the money you give to rebuild Gaza is diverted and not used to help the people of Gaza but to try to hurt the citizens of Sderot and he said, 'Well, you know, we have to try and stop that.' But talk is cheap; action is much more important."

Asked whether his calling Gazans at the fence "protesters" was said tongue-in-cheek, Dershowitz replied "They're not protesters. They are a lynch mob. Their goal is to try to break through the fence and lynch - literally lynch - as many Israeli children and women and elderly and civilians as they can."