A Canadian woman who said she received anti-Semitic messages from an Airbnb host in Paris has filed a complaint with the online hospitality platform.

Leah K. was looking on Thursday for a place to stay in Paris for herself and two friends when she inquired about a possible lodging, asking if it used electronic keys or codes. As an observant Jew, the use of such locks would be problematic on the Sabbath, Krakowitz explained to the host.

In response to her inquiry, however, Leah was shocked to receive an offensive message mocking her religion.

“I'm going to Paris in June with two friends, and have been trying to find a nice Airbnb/place to stay in the Marais,” she wrote in a social media post.

“I've been scared off this a bit as one Airbnb host responded to my inquiry with a nasty, anti-Semitic message (I asked about electronic keys or codes for "religious reasons" as we will be there over Shabbos).”

“I have also included a screenshot of the message I received from this host, so that no one on this group makes the mistake of booking with him. I have reported him to Airbnb, but I have no idea if they actually took care of this as they have blocked me from viewing this listing and host.”

In the message, the host called Judaism “silly” and said it was a “shame” Leah was practicing her religion in the 21st century.

“Also I have to say that it is a shame that at your age your religion make you completely so silly,” the host wrote.

“Maybe you should have been born 2 centuries earlier, it would have been much easier.”

“I would advise you to camp in the forest in the suburb of Paris.”

Leah later reported that Airbnb had indeed removed the listing for the offending host.

Screenshot of message Leah K.
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