Knife found on Arab
Knife found on Arab IDF Spokesman

An IDF force today foiled a stabbing attack in the village of Negohot in the Hevron Regional Council. An Arab was arrested near the village wearing a military coat with a knife and map of the village on his person.

The terrorist was interrogated by the General Security Service.

Mount Hevron Council head Yochai Damari said "the alertness of the soldier who acted properly and the civilian security officer's quick response led to the attack's thwarting. In light of the distance between the location of the incident and the village, residents' normal daily routine was not affected."

"Today's attempted attack should be a red flag for Civil Administration officials, who, due to bureaucratic constraints, have not completed the electrical connection of the special security communications system placed here by the IDF ," Damari said. "We demand they override bureaucratic considerations when human life hangs in the balance," emphasized Damri.

Last night, security forces arrested 12 wanted Arabs in Judea and Samaria who were suspected of terrorism and rioting.

Last Thursday police arrested an Arab from the village of al-Khader on suspicion of planting a powerful explosive device on the Husan bypass road next to Betar Illit in the Gush Etzion area. During his interrogation, the Arab admitted that he had placed the bomb in order to harm IDF soldiers traveling on the route.