IDF troops in action
IDF troops in actionIDF Spokesperson's Unit

Security forces continue to operate in Samaria as they search for the terrorists who carried out this week’s attack near Havat Gilad in which Rabbi Raziel Shevach was murdered.

IDF forces are stationed at entrances and exits to the city of Shechem (Nablus), as well as in intersections and central locations in Judea and Samaria.

Lt. Col. Omer Cohen, commander of the Nahshon Battalion which is carrying out operational activities in the area, told Arutz Sheva on Friday afternoon that "the goal is to increase efforts and ensure that we are alert and constantly working to keep the area quiet and without exceptional incidents.”

"We all have a clear mission in mind and that is to arrest the terrorists," added the battalion commander. "The goal is to allow the residents to continue to lead a normal life."

The manhunt for the terrorists continues along with the use of intelligence. Special forces are conducting searches in the area, and the IDF continues to encircle the city of Shechem and villages around it.

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