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Uzi Dayan Eliran Aharon

General Uzi Dayan (Res.) on Wednesday criticized, in an interview with Arutz Sheva, President Rivlin’s decision not to pardon Elor Azariya.

"The president was asked for a pardon and rejected it. and he has the right to do so. I do not like it, but it’s his right," Dayan said.

According to Dayan, the legal process was unnecessary. "It should be remembered that about sixty-five percent of the public in the last survey I saw does not necessarily claim that Elor Azariya is a saint, but says, even if he erred, it is not right that the issue went to a criminal trial with all its implications. Today, we see how incorrect it was to do this.”

Nevertheless, Dayan emphasized that "in no way should [the Azariya case] be used as an excuse not to serve, not to volunteer for missions. In the end, terror is defeated in the field, not in court or in the president's residence."

Dayan also addressed a recent incident during which PA Arab women pushed and slapped IDF soldiers - who did not react. He said that there was no connection between soldiers' restraint in this incident and the Azariya case.

He said, however, that he thought the restraint showed by the soldiers in this case “was not good. We have to get to the point - and I am not attacking the officer - where the Palestinians do not dare to approach our soldiers beyond a certain range.”

Asked how he expected soldiers to behave in a similar situation, Dayan said, “"I think that in such a case, you have to use what you call ‘reasonable force.’ Maybe it doesn’t look the best on camera, I understand that, but pictures will not win this war. They cannot be allowed to approach and attack soldiers and officers like this, both because it is simply dangerous, and because it can lead to a stabbing or shooting from point-blank range.”

“Palestinians must show respect for soldiers. I do not know a single policeman in the world, not in France, not in New York or elsewhere, certainly not in the Middle East, who would allow civilians to treat him like this."

"As policy in this matter, we must also protect the safety of the soldiers, enable them to fulfill their role, but also protect national honor," Dayan concluded.

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