The motorcycle that was attacked
The motorcycle that was attacked Flash 90

Violent Arab riots continued last night across Israel following US President Trump’s announcement recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

According to Israel Hayom, 3 were injured on Saturday night on Route 65 in northern Israel, when rioters threw rocks at a bus making its way to Tel Aviv.

In addition, riots took place at various points through Judea and Samaria, along the Gaza border, and in the predominantly Arab region of Wadi Ara near Hadera, north of Netanya.

Yediot Aharonot photographer Gil Nehushtan gave a tense first-hand account of the scene in Wadi Ara.

“I arrived at Wadi Ara to cover the demonstration and parked my motorcycle alongside police cars at a bus stop on Route 65. At a certain point, they started throwing stones at us, and Yasam (riot police) dispersed the demonstrators to keep them away from the road. I kept close to the police - at least until it was decided to remove them.

“After the police were evacuated from the field - effectively leaving the junction exposed - I found myself alone in front of dozens of masked men who began throwing stones at vehicles. I started to run towards the motorcycle, which was parked near a Yasam crew. But when the masked men began to throw stones at us - and a barrage hit a patrol vehicle - the commander of the crew decided to evacuate and explained that he had been ordered to leave immediately.

“I did not have time to think: After I was left alone in front of the masked men, I decided to run along the road and get away from the area. As I fled, I saw the masked men smashing my motorcycle, and I realized that I had apparently been saved from a lynch.

“And so I watched from a distance how dozens of lawbreakers were sowing destruction on one of the country's main roads. Only after about fifteen minutes - and after dialing the 100 emergency hotline a few times - was I able to stop a patrol car passing by and tell the policemen what had happened. After they reported that they needed reinforcements, Yasam men returned to the scene, and I can only hope that they will remember well next time that in the oath they took when they joined the ranks of police, they vowed to protect all citizens of Israel, in any situation."

Police responded: "Nehushtan's claim is not familiar to us, the investigation of his case continues. Following the incident, a police complaint was received on suspicion of damage caused to his property, and immediately afterwards an investigation was opened in order to locate the suspects and bring them to trial. " The question remains, however, according to Nehushtan's report, how the police left him to face the mob alone.