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The Tel Aviv magistrate court sentenced a caregiver to 12 months imprisonment, after a one-year-old baby died in a bathtub while given to her care.

The caregiver was sentenced under a plea bargain after she admitted to negligence in leaving the child unattended.

According to the indictment, the woman filled the bathtub halfway, left the baby and his twin brother in the bath in chairs meant for washing children - without removing a rug in the bath that prevents slipping - and left the room for about five minutes to use the restroom.

When she returned, she discovered one of the twins lying in the water, unconscious. She took the baby out of the water and tried to resuscitate him while shouting for help. One of the neighbors heard her and ran over, and they both alerted police and rescue teams.

The baby was hospitalized in critical condition and, after five days, died.

The indictment said: “We’re talking about negligence of a high order, which had consequences.”

The court also ruled that the caretaker was to compensate the parents of the baby with 80,000 shekels.