A protest against presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump turned into a violent riot on Tuesday night at Albuquerque, New Mexico, as hundreds of demonstrators hurled rocks and bottles at police officers, leaving a number of them wounded.

The rioters turned over barricades and hurled projectiles at police in riot gear and mounted patrol units, reports Fox News, with the backlash against Trump largely coming due to his tough stance on illegal immigrants.

Around 4,000 supporters of Trump turned out to hear him talk, but even hours after the event was over around 100 of the rioters were still walking the streets in downtown Albuquerque.

Police were forced to use smoke grenades to try and break up the rioters, who burned shirts with Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again" on them and threw them at the officers along with the other objects they hurled.

Local police reported that "several" officers had been wounded by the rocks, and at least one rioter who sneaked into the convention center to protest was arrested.

The arrested protester, who was dragged from the stands by security while resisting, was joined by others who held banners reading "Trump is Fascist."

The rioters shattered a glass door at the entrance of the convention center.

Trump for his part was not deterred by the protesters, noting on the young age of some of the demonstrators who had snuck into the rally, and quipping that they were "still wearing diapers."