Jail (illustrative)
Jail (illustrative) Flash90

The Jerusalem District Court sentenced five Palestinian Arabs who attacked Jews on the Armon Hanatziv Promenade to prison time Wednesday, after they committed attacks last year against Jews at the site. 

The five were sentenced to serve sentences in an Israeli prison between 16-49 months. A sixth defendant faces sentencing for assault at a later time. 

In June 2015, three of the Arabs beat up an Orthodox Jewish couple on the Promenade in a targeted attack, kicking and punching them and even using brass knuckles. The male victim suffered a fractured nose and lost consciousness. 

The Arab gang launched a similar attack several days later, also sexually assaulting the wife in that couple. 

The Prosecution maintains that the five offenders are part of a wider terror gang which targeted Jewish couples on the Promenade. Two of the Arabs involved in both attacks received a 4-year prison sentence and two involved in one attack received 2 years.