The identification card reader
The identification card readerPhoto: Knesset spokesperson

Guests and participants in the deliberations of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee will be identified through a card reader at the entrance, in a revolution of procedures.

Continuing on a decision requiring all lobbyists to identify themselves in order to enter Knesset committee discussions, the Knesset's Director General Ronen Plot decided to raise the bar and require all participants of committee hearings to identify themselves through a special card reader placed at the entrance to the committee hall.

Plot decided to start an experimental trial, and the new system was installed at the entrance hall of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee where deliberations will commence Monday morning.

"We announced the transparency of the Knesset, now I'm raising the bar and setting new standards of transparency. Any person wishing to enter the deliberations of the Knesset committees will identify him or herself through an entry permit given to them, and their name will automatically appear in transcripts of the committee meetings. I am convinced that the move will affect quality and transparency in discussions and benefit the decision-makers," said Plot.

The establishment of the system stemmed from requests by the Knesset’s Protocol Committee in order to precisely list the name and position all of the participants in the discussions. However, the Director General of the Knesset decided to upgrade the system and use it for the purpose of transparency and full identification of all participants in the discussions.

Chairman of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee, MK Nissan Slomiansky, welcomed the preparation of the trial: "It is extremely important for transparency on the floor and especially in such an active and legislative committee such as the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee. I welcome the move and believe it will greatly benefit every Knesset committee."