Attorney Adi Keidar
Attorney Adi KeidarHonenu Organization

On Sunday morning just before the indictments in Duma case were filed, Attorney Adi Keidar from Honenu requested that the court allow the interrogation methods used by the Israel Security Agency on the suspects to be published to the public. 

Reports in the media suggest the Israel Police plan to lift the media ban regarding the case and that they intend to publicize details regarding the investigation.

According to the request submitted by Keidar, the use of physical force during the interrogation should also be publicized, as well as the fact that during the period of interrogation the accused were refused meetings with their lawyers due to court order, and that during that time the accused raised strong claims against the process of interrogation which were brought before the courts, and that they should be written into the court records.

“We have a lot of information which the Israeli public is waiting to hear. Both regarding the issues of the special provisions that were put in place for this case, as well as the importance of how the interrogation of this case took place,” wrote Keidar.  

“We also request that the courts disclose for publication the statements made by the suspects, which we brought before the court, regarding their condition and the behavior of the powers responsible for the interrogation.”

“We request that the court come to a quick decision on the matter and reach a decision in the coming hours, and if not then at some point today. We also are requesting that the court give an intermediate ruling which would alleviate the media ban, until all of the aspects of this case have been revealed.”

Keidar added to the end of the request: “It is not conceivable that those who facilitated the investigation would leak details about the investigation to the media while the information is still not accessible to the lawyers involved in the case. Especially when at least some of the suspects were prevented from meeting with their lawyers.”