Two security guards at the entrance to the western industrial area of Ariel, in Samaria, were wounded Thursday morning by a terrorist who stabbed them. One guard – a man – suffered numerous wounds to the head and limbs and was classified as being in moderate condition when he was brought to the hospital.

The other guard, Katya Sohet, was lightly wounded in the head. Both guards are 24 years old.

The terrorist is a 22-year-old man from the village Dik who works in the Ariel industrial area. He reportedly showed up for work Thursday morning but left the factory to stab the guards.

Sohet recalled the events:

"It started out as a regular day at work. By 8 a.m. all the laborers had entered and were already at work. And at around 9 a.m., suddenly the door to our booth bursts open, and a man stands there with a knife, maybe even two, I don't remember. And he shouts and starts cutting us up."

"The other guard who was with me ran out and he may have pushed the terrorist, but as I was coming out I cocked the weapon and started firing at him, and I fired the entire magazine at him, and as I changed it I saw him still coming at me, and I kept firing till he fell to the ground."

"I called the other guard and told him to enter the booth and we called for help and said there had been a terror attack. We were full of blood and it was scary."