Second hakafot (illustration)
Second hakafot (illustration) Yoni Kempinski

A special tradition was joyfully celebrated in Queens on Tuesday night, as hundreds of Jews took part in the second set of hakafot parading Torah scrolls with song and dance after the holiday of Simchat Torah ended.

Rabbi Ilan Meirov, head of the CHAZAQ organization that aims to strengthen Jewish identity and prevent assimilation, told Arutz Sheva about the special event his organization held.

The rabbi spoke about the custom, saying, "after Simchat Torah is over we gather to hold another set of hakafot to dance with Torah scroll."

He noted that the Jewish people are having a lot of trouble around the world, indicating the recent spike in terror attacks in Israel.

"The only way for us to get redemption is if we stay united, regardless of what kippah, what hashkafa (religious lifestyle - ed.) - of course we've got to follow the ways of the Torah and the sages, but we have to work together to get to certain conclusions of love and joy."

Rabbi Meirov concluded by saying he hopes the celebrations of his community will be a "symbol of what goes on around the world."

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