Trying out the new menu
Trying out the new menuCredit: Arutz Sheva

Name: Cafe Cafe (New menu).

Where: Branches all over Israel.

Anyone who has been to Israel will be familiar with the chain of Cafe Cafe restaurants serving dairy foods of a good standard at a mid-top market price. Well, Cafe Cafe now has a new menu, so we decided to check it out.

Genre of food: Dairy foods including breakfasts, salads, pastas, fish, desserts and an extensive drinks menu.

What we ate: For main, we went for the pasta: Mushroom tortelli in a creamy sauce with chestnuts and ‘Orange Pasta’ - fettuccine with roasted sweet potato in a creamy sauce. For dessert, we chose Belgian waffles.

How it tasted: Main source was creamy and rich in flavor, but slightly heavy and almost certainly reheated. The waffles were excellent.

Service: Excellent - fast and with a smile.

Ambiance: Relaxed, friendly.

Decor: This particular branch was lounge style - with low couches and armchairs - but each branch is different.

Cleanliness: Spotlessly clean.

Price ($ / $$ / $$$): Not too bad ($$)

Best / recommended dish: Definitely the waffles - but one is enough for two people!

Would you return: Yes

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