MK Hanin Zoabi’s Balad party announced on Wednesday that it plans to file a complaint with the police against MK Danny Danon (Likud), over a new animated campaign video released by Danon.

The video is filmed as a Western, in which Zoabi is portrayed as the villain and Danon as the hero who will prevent her from running for the Knesset.

Some of the lyrics in the song which appears in the video, to the tune of "Oh Susanna", are:
“So you celebrated in the Knesset
And sailed with terrorists
Your support is guaranteed to murderers of Israelis.
So there is a limit to every traitor
Say goodbye nicely
Because you should have known sometimes when to shut your mouth.
Oh Zoabi, cry my dear
Because Danny has arrived
He is the real Right.”

Danon promises in the video to fight Zoabi using the Zoabi Bill, which would make it possible for a 61-member majority in the Knesset to permanently dismiss an MK who expressed support for a terror organization or for a state that takes belligerent action against Israel.

Danon announced on Tuesday he was collecting signatures from members of Israel's Central Elections Committee to bar the radical Zoabi from running, in light of her "consistent" statements in support of terrorism and against the existence of the State of Israel.

Responding to the video, MK Basel Ghattas (Balad) vowed that his party would complain against Danon.

"Danon is building his primaries campaign in such a miserable, cynical and racist manner," Ghattas told Channel 2 News, adding, "This video is incitement against MK Zoabi. Enough is enough. Tomorrow we will turn to Judge Salim Jubran (head of the Central Elections Committee -ed.) and ask him to disqualify the video and then we will complain to the police over incitement and a call to violence.”