IAF airstrike in Gaza
IAF airstrike in Gaza Flash 90

The international community continues to accuse Israel of "war crimes" in its defense of Israel from hundreds of rockets from Hamas on Sunday, as the IDF launches a ground assault into Gaza. 

The IDF Spokesperson's Office has released proof of one of its many warnings to Gaza's civilians to stay safe and flee targeted areas on Sunday, including a flier - shown below - warning residents to stay away from specific areas in the coming hours.

The fliers are being distributed over Gaza momentarily, the Office noted, throughout northern Gaza.

The text reads:

To the residents of Beit Lahiya,

The IDF intends to attack from the air on infrastructure and terrorists in the east of al-Atatra street to al-Satatin street, and west and north of Mavsakher Jabaliyeh. 

Israel will attack in this area at any place determined to the be site of rocket fire at Israelis. 

Citizens are asked to evacuate their homes until 12:00 pm on 7/13/2014 to the south of Jabaliyeh and down Badr until She'areh El-Faloja; the IAF operation will be temporary and short.

Anyone who does not heed these warnings risks his life and his family's lives.

Stay safe and be careful. 

Flier to Gaza citizens. IDF Spokesperson's Office

Phone calls and text messages were also sent to Beit Lahiya residents, the IDF said. 

It should be noted that a Hamas spokesperson called for Gaza residents to act as human shields on live television earlier this week, calling the move "an effective strategy" in the PR war against Israel and encouraging Palestinian Arabs to stay in their homes despite IDF warnings to prevent casualties. 

The international community has remained silent over the strategy, however, despite the fact that the Hamas-Fatah unity government in the Palestinian Authority joined several international agencies and human rights groups earlier this year. 

By contrast, video footage from within Gaza indicates that the IDF has been careful not only to target only those homes marked as terrorists' dwellings, but also to warn surrounding residents to stay in safe areas during a targeted airstrike. 

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