PA police officer (file)
PA police officer (file)Flash 90

The Palestinian Authority (PA) applied to over fifteen international agencies earlier this month, in a unilateral move which torpedoed peace talks with Israel. 

But on Sunday, according to Ma'ariv, PA officials announced that they had finished the application process for a different agency entirely: the International Criminal Police Organization, or INTERPOL.

If accepted, the PA police force would join one of the world's largest international intelligence and law enforcement agencies, which handles the security needs of 190 countries. 

Yusef Azril, the general director of the PA police's crime and drug prevention units, stated that the application process is complete. The next step, according to Azril, is a go-ahead from the PLO to continue preparations to join the organization.

"As soon as an order is received from the political leadership, we will immediately appeal the organization's offices in Paris," he told Palestinian Arab news agency Ma'an.  

Another PA official said that for admission to membership in Interpol, the PA would need to receive the support of two thirds of member countries. He estimated that there will be "no problem" getting the majority required for membership.

"The importance of the Palestine being accepted to Interpol is significant, as it will allow us to fight crime overseas," he stated. 

The move is yet another drastic step by the PA this month, which so far as seen peace talks fail following both the bid for international legitimacy and a unity pact between Fatah, the PA's ruling party, and terror organization Hamas. 

Israel has so far responded by suspending peace talks and enacting financial sanctions on the PA, as well as cutting diplomatic relations with Ramallah; a proposal is also being filed to criminalize contact with the PA in light of the unity pact.