Klal Center shooting
Klal Center shooting Aharon Wahab, News24

A man and a woman were murdered in an office in the third floor of the Klal Center building in Jerusalem Tuesday morning. Magen David Adom paramedics tried to resuscitate them but gave up after numerous attempts.

The motive for the double homicide is not known but police have arrested the person they believe is the murderer, and say he is employed as a security guard.

Later reports said that the murdered man was a lawyer aged 55 and that the woman was his daughter, 26. The background for the shooting appears to be a financial dispute.

Zion Precinct Commander, Brig. Gen. Amnon Alkalai, told reporters in an initial briefing that “A short time ago, we received a report that there was gunfire in the Klal Building. The suspect entered the office, shot a man and another woman. The man is in his 50s and the woman is in her 20s.

"As the suspect was escaping, a former policeman who works nearby succeeded in overcoming him. Additional police assisted him and took the weapon away from the shooter. The suspet was taken to interrogation at the police station, and now we are determining where the gun is from.”

"We do not know the conection between the shooter and the victims. The most important thing is that we have the shooter and the weapon.”

He added that the suspect appears to be a security guard from one of the adjacent buildings.

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