The scene is one that has become increasingly common.

A video uploaded to YouTube recently by Arab activists from Judea and Samaria shows a group of several dozen Arabs and left-wing extremists haranguing IDF soldiers, crowding their jeep and even climbing atop it. The jeep appears to have been sent to block a road – possibly to head off the Arab rioters who were en route to another location.

As is typical in such cases, the activists were accompanied by a group of journalists.

Journalist Emily Amrusy said that the incident took place near Talmonim, in Samaria.

The footage is heavily edited and the sequence of events is not clear. While the soldiers manning the jeep are greatly outnumbered, both sides appear careful not to initiate physical contact. At one point, however, one of the soldiers – an officer with the rank of captain – has had enough of the posturing atop the jeep: he climbs up on it and pushes the Arab to the ground.

The officer handles himself well, overall, taking charge of the situation as best he can under the circumstances.

Another piece of footage shows one of the rioters on the ground after a tear gas or smoke canister has gone off near him. Later footage shows the rioters at the side of the road, facing a Border Police reinforcement that has arrived on the scene.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Dr. Mordechai Kedar, a Middle East expert specialising in Israeli-Arab affairs, called for a change in the IDF code of conduct in such instances. Warning against complacency on behalf of the political and security establishment in dealing with what anti-Israel activists term "popular resistance", Dr. Kedar maintained that such carefully-orchestrated incidents are designed to encourage escalated Palestinian violence, by demonstrating the perceived weakness of the IDF.

In reference to some of the more violent "demonstrations" which take place regularly in Judea and Samaria, Dr. Kedar called for tougher measures by Israeli security forces:

"Those who start with rocks will finish with shots... There are many non-lethal crowd dispersal means available to security forces, and they must be used" to prevent a further erosion of IDF moral, he claimed.

Dr. Kedar also asserted that a concerted campaign by left-wing NGOs had "castrated" the Israeli security services, by supporting the efforts of anti-Israel activists through the legal and political arenas.

That news will come as no surprise to the sponsors of a bill, tabled on Tuesday, which aims to combat attempts by foreign-backed extremist groups to erode Israeli sovereignty.

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