Tzipi Livni
Tzipi Livni Flash 90

New Justice Minister Tzipi Livni took to social media Tuesday to outline her goals for her term in government.

Livni posted a statement in Arabic on her Facebook page in which she praised equality. She also pledged to “obliterate” the phenomenon of “price tag” attacks.

Livni said her goal is to uphold Israel’s values as a Jewish and democratic state. “These values do not contradict each other, they complement each other,” she stated.

“We need to be a beacon, to light up the dark places in Israeli society,” she added. “We must include all citizens of Israel in the word ‘equality,’ regardless of religion or nationality.”

Another goal is to “obliterate” racism and the “price tag” phenomenon in particular, she said. Some Jewish nationalists have been accused of vandalizing IDF property and property belonging to Palestinian Authority Arabs in revenge for terrorism and for the demolition of Jewish communities; the vandals often leave the words “Price Tag” behind at the scene of the crime.

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