Mosques on the Temple Mount
Mosques on the Temple Mount Flash 90

Three Jewish men were arrested on the Temple Mount on Wednesday, and two on Tuesday, all on intermediate days of the Sukkot holiday.

On Wednesday morning, Rabbi Yehuda Leibman, director of the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva was taken into custody. The rabbi was arrested for allegedly praying at Judaism's holiest site, also the location of the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Later in the day, 87-year-old Dr. Menachem Ben-Yashar, a long-time activist for Jewish rights on the Mount was arrested. Also detained was Elyashiv Sherlo, son of Rabbi Yuval Sherlo, head of the Petach Tikva yeshiva.

On Tuesday, Likud political activist Moshe Feiglin and Hagai Weiss were both also arrested for allegedly praying while visiting the holy site.

The Temple Mount, which is believed to be the location of the Holy of Holies of the ancient Jewish Holy Temples of Jerusalem, is legally under the control of the Muslim Waqf Authority.

Jewish visitors are often scrutinized, and sometimes arrested even for soundlessly moving their lips, when they are visiting the Temple Mount, and charged with "suspected praying" -- particularly those who are religiously observant.