Netanyahu (file)
Netanyahu (file) Israel news photo: Flash 90


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is considering plans to hand over more territory to the Palestinian Authority, according to the ultra-left newspaper Haaretz and News1 and brought by the Hebrew Arutz Sheva..
The newspaper says that as part of the concessions Netanyahu is considering, "there will be a redeployment of IDF forces and more security control will be given to the Palestinian Authority. Parts of Areas B, in which Israel has security authority and the Palestinians only have civil authorities, will be handed over to full control of the [Palestinian] Authority."
In addition, "parts of Areas C, in which Israel has full control, will turn into Areas B."
The idea has already been floated by the Prime Minister's adviser, Yitzchak Molcho, in a meeting with the Quartet representatives in Jerusalem last week.
Netanyahu also plans to initiate an international conference with the participation of Israel and the PA. 
According to the above sources, all these concessions are being considered in order to stave off the planned United Nations vote on the establishment of an independent PA state, in September. 
The Yesha Council of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria reacted Tuesday to the report by saying, "Instead of behaving in a level-headed and intelligent way, Israel is sending out signals of panic. This panic is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The Arabs and the international community smell it and, in response, increase the pressure and so forth."
The council statement continued, "In these days, when the south is absorbing the missiles of the previous withdrawal, it's amazing that someone is talking about an additional withdrawal. The correct course is to make it very clear that a unilateral Palestinian step will be answered by our unilateral steps, such as the application of sovereignty on Judea and Samaria or parts of it while activating the levers of political, economic, military and other pressure that the state of Israel has. This is the correct answer and not further concessions."