Chaim Perlman
Chaim Perlman Israel news photo

The Jewish Department of the Shabak (Israel Security Agency, ISA) has been put on notice by the judicial system that it does not have much time left to investigate the Chaim Perlman charges.

The Petach Tikvah Magistrates Court, generally considered the Shabak’s “home court,” rejected the security organization’s request to extend Perlman’s remand by eight more days. Justice Nachum Sternlicht allowed a remand of only two additional days, and expressed wonder as to why the actions that the police wish to carry out in the coming days have not been done until now.

Perlman, 31, was arrested nearly a month ago on charges of stabbing two Arabs to death in Jerusalem about a decade ago. The charges were later expanded to include two other Arab deaths in similar circumstances. The crimes were alleged to have been committed in response to two terrorist murders in Jerusalem.

Perlman has barely been permitted to meet with his Honenu-organization lawyer throughout his 25 days in prison. His wife and lawyer say he has been mistreated while in prison, but he has maintained his innocence throughout. It has been reported that he has also maintained his right to remain silent.

Judge Sternlicht said he does not see any significant evidence against Perlman. He added that though the suspicions against him are grave, it must be taken into account that throughout the long duration of his incarceration, barely any progress has been made in the case.

Two other people have been arrested, and released, in connection with the case. This, together with the recordings of ISA agents trying to goad him into carrying out violent acts against Israeli-Arab leaders, indicates the strong motivation of the Shin Bet to convict him.