PA Arabs on way to 'schools of incitement'
PA Arabs on way to 'schools of incitement' Israel news photo: Flash 90

The massive USAID program for the Palestinian Authority helps build schools where children learn incitement and that the State of Israel does not exist, investigative journalist David Bedein revealed to Arutz Sheva.

“This is a catastrophe,” he said. “The government of the United States prohibits Palestinian Authority incitement against Israel while it builds the infrastructure for continuing the incitement.”

He said that a USAID official told him that the agency does not examine the PA curriculum and does not check to see if any of the assistance ends up in the hands of terrorists. Bedein asserted, “They teach children about ‘martyrdom', praise violent resistance and teach that the entire State of Israel does not exist.”

The USAID program has pumped $2.4 billion into the Palestinian Authority since 1994 for what it says are programs that “reduce poverty, improve health and education, create jobs and advance democracy.” USAID says it plans to invest another $153 million in 2010 for the development of PA infrastructure in Judea and Samaria.

Congressmembers visiting Israel this past summer were surprised to hear from Bedein about continuing incitement in PA textbooks, despite its specific prohibition in the American Roadmap plan.

As far back as six years ago, Bedein reported that the U.S. government funded an Arab lobby group in Jerusalem that “trains media professionals in the art of transforming the image of the Arab-Israeli struggle into an Arab David against an Israeli Goliath.”