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News and updates about Israeli Schools

Israeli teachers' strike continues, school to begin at 10:00 AM

Teachers union extends nationwide partial strike, with classes to be delayed Monday until 10:00 a.m.

Israeli teachers' strike continues, school to begin at 10:00 AM

Israeli NGO reports on proven correlation between food insecurity and school violence

'The good news is that the solution is relatively clear if we recognize it and are prepared to invest in addressing it.'

Proven correlation between food insecurity and school violence

When will Israeli schools open? Final decision expected Monday

Prime Minister Bennett to convene final meeting on school openings, with Education Minister pressing to begin school year on time.

When will Israeli schools open? Final decision expected Monday

Government decides not to open middle schools for 2 weeks

PM cites spread of British COVID mutation in Israel for decision to keep grades 7-10 closed.

Government decides not to open middle schools for 2 weeks

Education Min.: Nazis also persecuted North African Jews

Persecution of North African Jewry under Nazi occupation now part of Israeli schools’ mandatory curriculum.

Education Min.: Nazis also persecuted North African Jews

‘Let’s Bring Israel’s Schools into 21st Century’

Education Minister urges reform, promises not to fire teachers.

‘Let’s Bring Israel’s Schools into 21st Century’

Ariel: First in 'Laptops for All Teachers' Program

Beginning this year, all 204 teachers in Ariel's schools will receive a laptop computer, and 120 hours of training.

Ariel: First in 'Laptops for All Teachers' Program

School Year Changes Spark Ire

The new school year of 5772 (2011-12) will begin nearly a week earlier than usual - in the middle of some teachers' planned vacations.

Summer Vacation to End Early

Yad L'achim: Teach More Judaism

Days before the holiday of Shavuot, Yad L'achim called for more action in promoting Jewish identity among schoolchildren in Israel.

Yad L'achim: 'Kids in Secular Schools Don't Know Shema'

Math Exams = High Tension

Approximately 300,000 Israeli students tackle tricky math matriculation exams Monday, and officials hope there won’t be leaked answers this time.

Math Exams = High Tension

Visit the Religious Music School

INN TV visits Mizmor, a special school of music for Israel's religious sector.

Famous Israeli Singer Teaches Music to Religious Studentsplayer

Arabs Refuse Israeli Textbooks

Arab educators in East Jerusalem are pressing parents and students to reject Israeli textbooks even if it means foregoing subsidies.

Arab Schools In J'lem: No to Israeli Textbooks

Teachers' Strike 'Illegal'

The Middle and High School Teachers Organization said it would strike Tuesday in ten middle schools because of deductions from teachers' pay.

Education Ministry: Teachers' Strike Illegal

American Oleh Teachers Snubbed

INN report: A program that retrains licensed teachers from the US who make aliyah has been canceled and may jeopardize their moving to Israel

Education Ministry Dumps Program to Certify U.S.Olim Teachers

$1M for Arab-Jewish Peace Pgm

The US federal government has granted nearly a million dollars to the Abraham Fund to support a three-year Arab-Israeli co-existence project.

US Grants $1M to Abraham Fund Co-Existence Project

Orlev: a Year with No Strikes

Education Committee Chairman MK Orlev asks unions to let children begin the school year Wednesday without strikes.

Orlev Wishes Students a Year with No Strikes

Anti-Israel Book in Cdn. Classes

Toronto’s school board supports keeping of anti-Israel novel in school libraries.

Canada: Book Demonizing Israel in School Libraries

Back to School in Uniforms

Schools uniforms are back in fashion - as of next year. Education Minister says they will help restore pride and discipline in the school system.

School Uniforms Back in Fashion Next Year

'Politics at Children's Expense'

MK Danon, chairman of the Knesset Children's Rights Committee, visited a Jewish school in Samaria to witness the effect of the freeze on the kids.

Video: 'Politics at the Expense of Jewish Children in Yesha'player

Funds to Bulletproof Yesha Buses

The Knesset Finance Committee on Tuesday approved a special budget allocation for bulletproof buses on routes traveling through Judea and Samaria.

Budget Passes to Bulletproof Buses in Judea and Samaria

USAID Funds Incitement

The massive USAID program for the Palestinian Authority helps build schools where children learn incitement, journalist David Bedein reveals.

Expose: USAID Funds PA Schools for Incitement

Yesha Children ‘Out in the Cold’

The government’s freeze on new building in Judea and Samaria violates the rights of children, according to the director of the Child Services.

Child Rights Head: ‘Yesha Children Suffer from Building Freeze’

Flu Closes Tel Aviv School

A Tel Aviv elementary school has been closed for the first time due to an outbreak of flu. It is not clear which viral strain caused the closure.

Flu Closes Tel Aviv School

Saar: Public Schools Come First

Education Minister Gidon Saar says Israel must put public schools first – even at the expense of hareidi-religious and Arab schools.

Saar: Public Schools First Priority for Education Spending

Earthquake Cage Test a Success

The city of Jerusalem successfully tested an earthquake cage aimed at protecting schoolchildren. Test involved blowing up a school.

Successful Test of Cage to Protect Kids in Earthquake

Principal Loses 'Intifada Shirt'

An Arabic public school principal who lost her job defending "Intifada" T-shirts, has now lost a lawsuit against the New York Board of Education.

US Court: Free Speech Does not Allow 'Intifada T-Shirts'

Bigwig Politicians Tour Schools

Prime Minister Netanyahu told students in Modiin on their first day of school he now realizes that classes are "even more important than recess."

Netanyahu Tells Pupils Classes Rate Over Recess

Saar: No Immigrants? No Funding

Semi-private schools that refused to take in immigrants from Ethiopia may lose their funding, as the Education Ministry rejects compromise deal.

No Immigrants? No Funding, Semi-Private Schools Told

Praise for Saar Despite Problems

Teachers Organization head Ran Erez is impressed by Gideon Saar despite problems facing schools this year.

Despite Problems, Teachers Union Praises Saarplayer

PM Reveals Anti-Violence Plan

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu revealed details of his "Zero Tolerance for Violence" policy.

Netanyahu Reveals Anti-Violence Plan

Sharp Rise in Hareidi Education

Results from a social policy report see a 51 percent rise in hareidi schoolchildren in Israel over the decade, while state education is dwindling.

Report: Sharp Rise in Hareidi Education

Shomron: Give Us Ethiopian Kids

The struggle in Petah Tikva over where to enroll 50 young immigrants in school has revealed deeper issues involved in immigrant absorption.

Shomron: We'll be Glad to Take Ethiopian Kids from Petach Tikva

Parents to Teachers: Dress Up

Teachers may have to dress more modestly this year. The Association of Israeli Parents wants a ban on mini-skirts and exposed tummies.

Parents Want Dress Code for Teachers: No Belly Buttons

Speak English? Make Aliyah

Do you speak English? Are you looking for work? Israel wants you! It is offering 14 months of training for new immigrants who qualify.

Speak English? Make Aliyah and Teach in Israel