Will the Arabs decide who will form Israel’s next government?

The election: All lies and rhetoric, not policies.

Walter Bingham ,

MK Mansur Abbas
MK Mansur Abbas
Flash 90

The Election: All lies and rhetoric, not policies.

How: The Wannabes are horse trading for ministerial posts.

While: America cancels culture, Israel cancels COVID!

Hear: All about Biden border madness.

What: Killed George Floyd? The trial that dominates the US press and TV.

Why: They chose a fox to guard the chicken shed. The new American deal.

Plus: Walter’s political commentary from years ago. Has anything changed?

Also: The insult of comparing the Yellow Star with the green passport. A desecration of the Holocaust on the eve of Yom Hashoah, Israel’s Memorial Day for the six million murdered Jews.

And: more