SHOCKING: This shul may become a casino

Against all odds, the shul in Varna survived the Holocaust.

Vaad Harabanim ,

The synagogue In Varna
The synagogue In Varna
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Something terrible is about to happen. The only surviving shul in Varna, Bulgaria - which currently serves the Jewish community - is in danger of closing. The local Jewish community, and the many frum tourists that pass through the area, will be left without a shul to daven in, and all Jewish community life in Varna will collapse.

Rabbi Yosef Halperin, the Rabbi of Varna has an urgent request: SAVE OUR SHUL! A local contractor wants to turn the shul building into a casino, and they have less than a month to raise $400,000!

Just before Purim, the owners of the shul building evicted the shul congregants and locked the doors. The only option left for Rabbi Halperin and his community is to buy the shul building, before it is lost to the Jewish people forever.

Against all odds, the shul in Varna survived the Holocaust. It rose from the ashes to serve the Jewish community, and became a place where we can once again daven and come close to G-d. Now, we are in danger of losing it.

We are turning to you to do all we can to SAVE OUR SHUL!