Child safety alarms to be required in all Israeli cars by August

New legislation will obligate vehicle owners to install warning systems to prevent forgetting children in cars.

Shlomo Witty ,

Child safety seat
Child safety seat

Prompted by an alarming rate of infant deaths, new legislation will require drivers who have infants under four years old in cars up to three and a half tons will be required to install an electronic warning system to prevent the infants from being forgotten in the vehicle.

The system in question has already passed North American and European Union safety standards, and can be installed either during the manufacturing process or by the vehicle owner. Enforcement will begin a few months after the legislation is brought into force, and include criminal charges for installing the system improperly, and fines or license points for failing to have it at all.

The system in question must be capable of detecting an infant forgotten in a vehicle and setting off a visible and audible alarm. The Ministry of Transportation has already received more than twenty proposals for such systems from various engineers and designers.

Transportation Minister Regev promoted the legislation: "After years of tragic deaths of children forgotten in cars we have finally decided on a solution. As early as this summer, every vehicle will be required to install safety systems to prevent forgetting children, thus saving the lives of many children, and preventing bereavement and destruction of families whose entire world has been destroyed due to inattention.”